Raoulo Egypt
Material Handling

in Material Handling Equipment for heavy-duty applications like: Cement, Mines, Fertilizers and several other applications.in Egypt and Arabic Countries.

Due to the fast expanded and growing markets in the Middle East area and Africa, Raoulo Egypt managed to extend its activities outside Egypt to cover the increasing requirements of this growing markets.

The factory is using the latest machinery technology with mode
mechanical equipment both Conventional and CNC machines.

We are following very good technology bearing the following points:

-     High quality of products by choosing the best raw material that correspondent to DIN, following the inte
ational specifications and European Normsin our manufacturing procedures.

-     Reduction of reserve for companies as RAOULO EGYPT has the capacity to produce and squirrel away products on behalf of its clients (logistics).

-     Because of the good location of our factory, the availability in any requirement of customer is direct. The company allocates experienced technical personnel that can correspond immediately in benefit of products and in technical support which is very important as well.

-     Design of product as customers specific requirements. The highly trained technical personnel of our company can study your special requirements and design new solution which is suitable to your requirements.

-     Raoulo Egypt has Certification of Quality by the bigger institutions of certification. The latest renewal became on June 2009 by the EQA institution with system of quality management ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008.

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